090426Selene.headshots.112Who IS Keyser Soze?!?

Oh wait, no. That’s not what I meant. What I meant to ask is, who is Abby Vaun? There is nobody better equipped to answer that question than me. Abby Vaun is Selene Benjamin. Whaaa? That’s right, folks. Abby Vaun is Selene Benjamin, and Selene Benjamin is Abby Vaun. But more on that later. First, a little background information.

Writing was never part of the plan. But it’s funny the things that happen when you don’t have an actual plan. After jumping from major to major in college, I arbitrarily decided to major in public relations. The best part, I didn’t have any idea what public relations was. But thanks to the folly of youth, I started down that PR path and ended up entrenched in the world of journalism. A writing and editing position with the University of North Texas daily paper, The NT Daily, landed me a cushy job writing obituaries and answering the phone at The Dallas Morning News.

And then, oh the places I went!

Copyediting Mad Men style at a fancy New York City ad agency. Learning search marketing at one of the top search companies in Los Angeles. (Ahem, not Google.) And along the way, honing my writing skills in the oh-so-coveted but oh-so-misunderstood world of freelancing.

Somewhere in between moving from Texas to New York to Texas to California, I decided to write under the byline Abby Vaun. Remember when I said being a writer was never part of the plan? That’s because being a movie star was the plan. And Abby Vaun? Well, that was my stage name. Thanks to Celine Dion, I thought Selene was ruined forever and decided I needed something else ASAP. One bright and loud NYC day, I was strolling by the Empire State Building thinking, “Too bad I can’t go by my initials. I really like my initials. SAB. Sab. Sabby… Abby!” And then because I didn’t want my dad to feel bad that I wasn’t using the family name, I thought his first name was my perfect last name, Vaun.

Long story not as long, “being a movie star” is not a good plan, probably because it’s a statement and not a plan. And because I didn’t want to waste this awesome name I made up, Abby Vaun, the writer was born.

And now for your viewing pleasure, Who IS Keyser Soze?